Malonno is situated on the river Oglio in the upper reaches of Valle Camonica, surrounded by mountains rising to 2,500m above sea level. The Prada di Malonno is the wide flat valley floor spreading out from the foot of Malonno.

The river bank of the Oglio in Malonno is in the Adamello national park.

The heart of Malonno has many medieval buildings, towers and an ancient furnace. There are a number of interesting hamlets surrounding Malonno and the valley slopes such as Landò, Lava, Lezza, Loritto, Odecla, Zazza, Calzaferro, Fletta, Mossio and Nazio.

Thanks to the SS 42 (main road), Malonno is very accessable and in a strategic position for travelling. It also has the benefit of a station on the Brescia-Iseo-Edolo railway line.

Malonno is the ideal base from which you can visit the natural, historical and cultural  attractions of Valle Camonica. Since 1979 the valley has been a major world heritage/UNESCO site for pre-historic rock carvings or original 'Graffitti'! Valle Camonica isn’t only pre-historic art as there are also various Romanesque buildings (such as Church of  Saint Siro and Church of Saint Salvatore dating from the XI th – XII th  centuries  and located in Capo di Ponte).



Near our hotel there is an excellent, regulation football ground for 11 players, that has been realized with dressingrooms and little sport ground, where football teams in pre-agonistic retreat can train in order to face at best the sport season engagements and matches.

Connected to the football ground there is the "laghetto azzurro"(blue little lake): a structure for sport fishing, costantly fournished with different species of fishes from the near "fish-breeding Adamello".


Whatching Giro d’Italia

 19th stage, Friday the  28th of May

Passo del Mortirolo (Wiki - en)
Gran premio della Montagna

Edolo (en)

Aprica (en)

Malonno (en)
In front of the hotel

20th stage, Saturday the 29th May

Passo di Gavia (en)
Gran premio della Montagna

Bormio (en)
Start and passage

Passo del Tonale (en)

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