In March, Saturdays evenings, MIGOLE (crumbled polenta produced using chestnuts flour)

This is a typical dish of  Malonno, and it has generally to be eaten with cooked salame and  home cheese!


It is also good with eggs at the butter

In the past, as the tradition tells, we probably used lard in alternative to butter.


 For 6 Persons:

  • Chestnuts floor g. 750
  • Buckwheat floor g. 150
  • Water g. 750
  • Butter g. 200
  • Salt
  • Oil ½ Glass

Mix together the chestnuts floor and the buckwheat floor.

Warm the water, add salt and poor in it the floors, mix down-up and after 20 minutes add the oil and the butter. 

Mix newly for 20 minutes.